Living in Charge

High value low cost dual coaching program with 3 levels of support

  • 4 Sacred Circles coaching sessions live each month with 2 holistic professionals ( $400 value )

  • Always growing online library of content ( $500 value )

  • Online community for daily support and connection ( priceless )

  • Sacred Circles library included

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Who are we?

Two Coaches, two areas of expertise and two uniquely connected programs that helps you recognize opportunities, to make changes, and build the life you want to live, are all in ONE dynamic model.

We provide two interconnected signature programs ( Living in Charge & Sacred Circles ) with guided discussions, lessons, and workshops intuitively designed to provide the full spectrum of support and insight you need to feel genuinely better no matter where you are on your path.

Lauri Maynard, MA, LMHC, CPC teaches how to bring together the mind, body and spirit using the logic of science and the practicals of psychology. This is the foundation needed to find inner balance and the feeling of wholeness. 

Shannon Dias, CPC brings her experiential approach to spiritual wellness through mindfulness, creative expression and childlike wonder. This is the magic of finding peace in the process while embracing your adventure.

Together they provide you with a guided tour through the ups and downs of building the life you want and bringing joy forward

"Intuitive Logic" guided by

Certified Personal Coach, Licensed Holistic / Mental Health Counselor, Program Developer, Author Lauri Maynard, MA, LMHC, CPC

"It is my mission to help people wake up to who they really are. Underneath all that we think we know is a vast wealth of potential just waiting to be realized. Science is tapping into it, spiritual leaders are talking about it and the arts are expressing it. It is there for all of us. No matter who you are, or what you are going through, you have an inner wisdom that knows what you need and can point you in the right direction of finding out what to do next."

"heART Magic" guided by

Creative Services Consultant, Master Certified Coach, Artist, Author Shannon Dias, CPC

Using simple yet powerful artistic play I help people find and harness their inner magic. Within energy infused transformative sessions my signature style of coaching, heART magic, will guide you through creative visualizations and discussion, towards your own path of self awareness and personal power to bring joy forward. I specialize in Expression, and Spirit Speak, where I intuitively ask pointed questions to help you on your journey through the human experience.

More for Less


  • Community Collaboration

    Living in Charge includes an exclusive facebook group for students to share experiences and grow with the community.

  • Go at YOUR pace

    Your membership allows you to work online at your own pace and still have access to our live events.

  • One Course, Two Instructors

    Living in Charge is a collaborative project from Lauri Maynard & Shannon Tibbetts allowing you to benefit from two instructors while paying one low fee.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. You're in!

    3. Live Sessions & IMPORTANT information

    4. Help us understand you better...

    5. A few first steps

    6. What is Holism?

    7. Suggestions for how to best utilize this course

    1. Winter Dreaming 11921 Live Session

    2. Walking around winter dreaming 112621

    3. Love Yourself Live Session 2/9/21

    4. "Passion for Purpose live session 2/23/21

    5. "Shadow Inside Out" live session 3/9/21

    6. "Cave of Wonder" live session 3/16/21

    7. "Growing Forward" live session 4/13/21

    1. The Basics Intro

    2. Holism-How the Mind,Body and Spirit Work Together

    3. Awareness - being open & embracing possibility

    4. Energy-The Flow and How to Harness It

    5. Mindfulness - being in and connecting with the moment

    6. Emotion-Understanding Your Inner Compass

    7. Playfulness - tapping into childlike wonder

    8. Intuition vs Instinct- The Difference and How to Navigate Them

    9. Off you go!

    1. INTRO

    2. Unwrapping Holiday Expectations Live Session

    3. Overcoming Fear of Change- Chat

    1. INTRO

    2. The dark side of emotions and how to work with them

    3. Collaborative Couch - 3.26.20 "addiction to being busy" Marlisa McLaughlin

    4. Collaborative Couch 4.30.20 "Growing through Emotions"

    5. Changing Limiting Beliefs

    6. Chronic Pain-A Mind-Body approach

    1. INTRO

    2. Collaborative Couch 4.16.20 "Who am I Really"

    3. Collaborative Couch 4.8.20 "Connecting to Spirit" Ramona Falkner

    4. January Winter Dreaming - Looking in the Right Direction

    5. WORD PLAY

    6. The Magic of Yet and Get

    7. Inner Magic Live Session

About this course

  • $45.00 / month
  • 48 lessons
  • 13 hours of video content

Self Care Investment

A community course that does life with you


We offer an experiential environment that embraces a deeper connection to your true self and encourages meaningful connection to other people that support you on your journey.

  • GROW

    We explore the basic elements needed for personal growth to happen and give you lots of tools to guide your way.


    We design experiences that nurture the many aspects of creating the life you want. And yep, we also get creative with art and stuff too.

  • PLAY

    We provide opportunities for you to step into the adventure of joyful living. Aaaand, yep, we play games too.

What’s included!

A guided community for the active pursuit of mental and spiritual wellness.


 “an evolving library packed with life lessons that explore science, psychology and spirituality with live intuitive guidance every month”


“Use art, energy, nature, and intentional tools to discover and harness the magic within you"

“grow and gather together through discussion, live events, and sharing of life”

  • LIVE COACHING by 2 holistic wellness professionals each month

  • ART & PLAY continuously added to the course library

  • MESSY LIFE TOOLS a library of therapeutic strategies and action items

  • COLLABORATIVE COUCH WITH SPECIAL GUESTS interviews & activities with various holistic wellness professionals

  • RETREATS  special Living in Charge yearly events

  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY private group for live meetups, support, and fun

Online Academy Course Content
Growing catalog of dynamic content and monthly themes where you can go at your own pace and revisit lessons as much as you want

Solving everyday problems

An in depth approach to navigating the world and your mindset to be more prepared for all the things that life throws your way

Messy life tools
The toolbox for solving your everyday problems filled with coping skills, art therapy techniques, and self help strategies to heal, reduce stress when life feels out of control

The Magic Inside
Use art, energy, nature, and intentional tools to discover and harness the magic within you

Growing Forward 
Tools to help you reach your next goal by learning to think bigger, open up and act meaningfully

It all starts with
The basics of you

  1. Holism - how the mind, body, and spirit work together.

  2. Mindfulness - being in and connecting with the moment

  3. Energy - the flow and how to harness it

  4. Awareness - being open & embracing possibility

  5. Emotion - understanding your inner compass

  6. Intuition vs Instinct - the difference and how to navigate them

  7. Playfulness - tapping into childlike wonder

  • Videos & Office Hours

    Journey through the course content via self-paced videos in the class site and join us for live sessions in both a closed Facebook group and private webinars.

  • Support & Community

    Journey with us as we build our online classes and go LIVE in a membership only facebook group for workshops, discussions, question and answer sessions, art projects, and a whole lot more!


    We kept the price low so that everyone could participate. We pack a lot of value in Living in Charge so you can take it with you on your adventures in life. Choose the payment options that work for you!

By Living in Charge you can:

  • See through the tough stuff

  • Uncover the good stuff

  • Create new stuff

  • Learn tips and techniques that empower you to survive and thrive when life throws everything it has at you

  • Find your inner power

Are you ready?

Over $200 value EVERY MONTH!



Self Care Investment

A community course that does life with you

Science behind the Work

guided by Lauri Maynard

Energy is in all things. This concept is taught in both practical application and in scientific theory so that each individual can unpack the idea and discover what speaks to them.

Play with Purpose

guided by Shannon Tibbetts

Throughout this course you will find hands on activities that help you connect with your emotions, thoughts, and each other, in ways that help you explore the energy within and around you.