Our monthly reflective gatherings provide a safe place to pause, practice and play. Some sessions are recorded. Membership also includes the Living in Charge course library.

We focus on 4 key areas for wellness and growth: Expression, Emotions, Intuition and Logic.


  • Intuitive Art- guided explorations to help you let go and create art from the heart while exploring the meaning and messages behind them.

  • Life Hacks- An open dialogue with holistic tips and tools to help you move through life’s challenges.

  • Magic Hour- An intuitive playground for exploring the energy in and around us.

  • Keep Going- An intimate discussion group for uncovering and coping with emotion and the daily adventure of grief and trauma.

What makes us different?

We provide two interconnected signature programs through guided discussions, lessons, and workshops intuitively designed to provide the full spectrum of support and insight you need to feel genuinely better no matter where you are on your path.

  • Lauri teaches how to bring together the mind, body and spirit using the logic of science and the practicals of psychology. This is the foundation needed to find inner balance and the feeling of wholeness.

  • Shannon brings her experiential approach to spiritual wellness through mindfulness, creative expression and childlike wonder. This is the magic of finding peace in the process and embracing your adventure.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Live sessions & IMPORTANT INFORMATION

    1. Magic Hour 8.13.20

    2. Magic Hour 9.10.20

    3. Magic Hour 11.18.20 Creating your own Sacred Space

    4. Magic Hour 12.16.20 Candle magic

    5. Magic Hour 1.20.21 Winter Dreaming

    6. Magic Hour 2.17.21 Love Yourself - Protect, heal & purify spell

    7. Magic Hour 3.17.21 Sigils & Spells "peace, purify & protect"

    8. Magic Hour 5.18.21Finding your Voice "Ace of Cups"

    9. Magic Hour 6.16.21 Living your Truth "Clarity, Balance, Peace Spell"

    10. Magic Hour 9.15.21 Celebration "Sigil magic"

    1. Sacral Chakra "Color of You" activity with Shannon (from our Serendipity Summit)

    2. Color of You supporting document

    3. "Freedom" Intuitive Art 11.4.20 replay

    4. "Heart flower" Intuitive Art 12.2.20 replay

    5. "Getting quiet & connecting - word with no boundaries" Intuitive Art 1.6.21

    6. "Loving Yourself Heart" Intuitive Art 2.3.21

    7. "Zentagle shadows" Intuitive Art 3.3.21

    8. "Finding Your Voice" Clay Intuitive Art 5.5.21

    9. "Living Your Truth" Clay Intuitive Art

    10. Intuitive Art "Magic Inside" watercolor painting

    11. Intuitive Art "Cultivating Intentions" Chakra tree

    1. The dark side of emotions and how to work with them

    2. Letting our loved ones guide us - the energy and connection replay 122320

    3. "Moving toward the light" Love Yourself them 22421 live

    1. Overcoming Fear of Change- Chat

    2. The energy of Gift Giving - Life Hack 12.9.20 replay

    3. Using Your Inner Navigation System- Life Hack 1.13.21 replay

    4. The energy exchange and self love - Life Hack 2.10.21

    5. Unpacking the Shadow Emotions- Life Hack 3.10.21

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About this course

  • $45.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 25 hours of video content

What is a Sacred Circle?

We believe that it is a space that provides acceptance, empathy, lack of judgement, education, laughter, and love. Every Sacred Circle offers you support in a guided discussion to promote healing and spiritual growth.