A dynamic approach to honoring your feelings, exploring your journey, and harnessing your power to create organic happiness.


    Joy is not only a smile or a feeling, it is embedded in a lifestyle no matter how messy or challenging it is. Joy is the evolving light that lives deep within and can sometimes grow out of some very dark places. It takes its own time and requires learning to adjust to the pace joy needs to flourish in YOUR daily life. It also looks different for everyone. Finding that path is a creative process that is different for all of us. While this course won’t give you all the answers, it will bring out questions meant just for you. You will be given tools and creative experiences for you to explore how to find those answers and how to harness the power you hold. Together we can build on what is truly meant for you.


    Discover the inner child in you that is uniquely you. Explore what really makes you happy and how to grow with your emotions. Experience real joy even in the face of hardship. Find where your inner magic lives and pave your own path to harness it.


    Tired of “trying to be happy”? Have you faced your worst nightmare and don’t know how to stand up again? Do you feel that there is more to life but have no idea where to look? Are you always looking for something new without enjoying where you are? Did you begin walking an enlightened past and need more opportunities to grow? It’s time to discover your power.

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My signature style of coaching, heART magic, harnesses your intuitive power using simple yet powerful artistic play within energy infused transformative sessions to empower you going forward and every day. I specialize in Expression and Spirit Speak where I intuitively ask pointed questions to help you on your journey through the human experience.
  • Community

    Settle in with a warm drink and people who want to support your struggle & celebrate your wins. You get all Group Sessions included FREE!

  • Creative Exploration

    Not creative? Creative? Great! This playtime will take your back to kindergarten when you were just happy to be making a mess or carefully cutting along the lines. Each activity is less about the art and more about YOU!

  • Supportive Ideas

    Are you ready to feel heard and supported. In your one on one sessions we will find ways to add value to your daily life and spark ideas for your future. We use both therapeutic techniques and magical ones to help you find your answers, your peace, and your opportunities for joy.

How this works

Over the course of 12 MONTHS, in The Joy Journey, you will have opportunities to find the spark that is unique to you! Using art, intuitive practices, and holistic coaching we will all journey together to find more ways to be present and intentional in our daily lives. During our 6 ONE ON ONE intuitively guided coaching sessions we can dive a little deeper to unpack some of the more “messy life” challenges you might be facing. Our community will support each other while walking our own individual path towards joyful living. We unpack trauma using a series of foundational concepts that have been formed throughout Shannon's own journey while heavy emphasis is put on CHOOSING paths that lead to joy. Our monthly sessions are filled with laughter, learning, and letting go, all while honoring the energy in and around us. The basic outline for 12 months, 2 back to back sessions, is below, however, YOU are the most important part of it. We may stray from these plans in order to give you what you most need from our time together. Intuition and individual needs play a large part in our journey together.

  • MONTHLY SACRED CIRCLES - 2 magical and artistic explorations in a group setting


  • LIVE COACHING SESSIONS - 6 individual one hour intuitively guided sessions

  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY - ongoing discussion and "play space" for community support

  • DESIGNED TO GROW - Each 6 month session builds into another


We all need community

One on one sessions are so much more powerful when you add in group activities. Community support, art exploration, and learning your relationship with the energy of things is a powerful tool to enhance your in depth coaching.


"Shannon has a gift of seeing past the human experience where creative potential lives."

"I value how much authenticity matters to you, and how much you genuinely care about helping others find their joy."


Lauri Maynard, MA, LMCH, CPC

"Shannon is highly intuitive and brings her spirituality and creative talents to her program development and coaching. Her mindful approach comes from her inner work and healing through trauma and profound loss. Shannon also grounds her coaching and creative groups in her personal experience which brings both an inner wisdom and a childlike wonder to her work. She is highly tuned into the importance of being present and honoring all of the precious moments life has to offer."

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"Loved last night’s art session! I stated out big and with Shannon’s direction was able to go smaller. So much fun and beautiful camaraderie❣️"


Certified Personal Coaching

Shannon brings her experiential approach to spiritual wellness through mindfulness, creative expression and childlike wonder. This is the magic of finding peace in the process while embracing your adventure. Shannon uses both her life experiences and her skills as a certified personal coach to help you on your journey. Think of it like a combination of talking to your best friend, therapy, and getting a tarot reading all in one. Her unique approach to moving alongside grief and living in the moment fully make for meaningful conversations that lead to awareness, mindset changes and actionable plans to help you with your goals and challenges. It's "real talk" with a side of silliness that really helps you do this thing called life.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Program introduction, overview of holism, understanding the basics of your energy system known as the chakras, and preparing for your personal journey to get the most out of the program.

    1. Self love is the foundation for your awakening and we will nurture that with fun activities and gratitude practices.

    2. The color of you!

    1. Life is messy so you should be too! You will create a junk journal to pour your emotions into and discover your process for creating joy.

    1. Build the intentional steps to owning your own happiness with playful tools like vision boards and intention mapping

    1. Uncover those limiting beliefs that hold you back and harness the power of intention by writing it and speaking it into existence.

Self Care Investment


Creative Services Consultant, Master Certified Coach, Artist, Author Shannon Dias, CPC

Using simple yet powerful artistic play I help people find and harness their inner magic. Within energy infused transformative sessions my signature style of coaching, heART magic, will guide you through creative visualizations and discussion, towards your own path of self awareness and personal power to bring joy forward. I specialize in Expression, and Spirit Speak, where I intuitively ask pointed questions to help you on your journey through the human experience.



    You can participate at your own pace with all of our past sessions.



  • $3,333.00

    SELF CARE INVESTMENT, monthly options available

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