Course curriculum

    1. Crystal's ROCK intro

    2. Choosing your gemstone

    3. Popular Crystal Listing

    4. Crystal's - A History

    5. Cleansing Your Crystals

    6. Crystals for Health Challenges

    7. Crystals for Positive Change

    8. Healing with Crystals

    9. Crystals for Your Career

    10. Suggested Reading

    11. Most Common Types of Crystals

    12. Chakras and Crystals

    13. The Energy of Rocks - Discussion

    1. Developing the Attitude of Gratitude

    2. Gratitude Opportunities

    1. Aromatherapy Intro

    2. Aromatherapy - The Basics

    3. Aromatherapy for Health and Well Being

    4. Popular Aromatherapy Oils

    5. Aromatherapy Suggested Reading

    1. About Lisa

About this course

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Your Guide

Author, Jewelry Designer, Coach, Reiki Master Lisa Fontanella

Lisa Fontanella loves writing and rocks. Lisa has used every opportunity to write. From stories, magazine and newspaper articles, to newsletters and promotional materials. And recently, the proud author of the award-winning children’s chapter book, Crystal’s Quest: An Adventure into the World of Gemstones and the You ROCK! Journal and Coloring Book. A wannabe rock-hound, Lisa loves learning about rocks, their properties and feeling their energy. What better way to blend two things she loves – write a children’s book about rocks! Lisa’s fascination with rocks has taken on many forms, much like the rocks she holds so dear. She creates hand-made concrete plaques, jewelry using gemstones, writes stories for children about the wonders of rocks, and gets so excited when she sees a type of rock she has never seen before. Lisa is a Reiki master, holistic practitioner and certified Life Coach. Lisa lives in New England and loves being near the water whether it be the ocean, river, lake, pond, or puddle.

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