Program Highlights

We are dedicated to helping others "find their fit" so that they can develop lifelong habits and optimized health.

  • 90 DAYS of structured programming designed to get you started and help you keep going. 
  • Weekly group class led by a personal trainer
  • Fitness assessment by a personal trainer
  • Goal setting
  • Hands on nutrition workshops to help you SEE the food you are eating and how it affects you
  • Patented health & nutrition assessment, HIPPA compliant with recommendations for optimal supplementation
  • Optional Health & Fitness DNA analysis with customized fitness program JUST for you
  • program valued at over $500
  • So much more

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Welcome!

    3. Before we begin...

    1. A message from the instructor WEEK ONE

    1. Every Little Bit Counts

    2. Planks!

    3. Squats!

    4. Hollow Hold

    1. Introduction

    2. IDlife First Look

    3. Unlock your DNA

    4. Sample Health & Fitness DNA report

    5. Personalized Nutrition & Product Overview

    6. How do I find out more?

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Online & In Person Coaching

Weekly group fitness classes and more