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life is messy, let's adventure through it

"I help people find and harness their inner magic through creative exploration, holistic wellness and play. Using art, energy, nature, and intentional tools you are guided to your own path of self awareness and personal power.

I help business form a synergistic approach to all areas of their organization to achieve dynamic results.“ 

I specialize in Expression and my signature style of coaching, heART magic, uses intuitive art and energy infused transformative play for tapping into your personal power. My profound experience with grief has provided me with insight into both the strategies needed for living alongside it and the empathy to honor the moment you are in.  I work with science, art, and energy to help you find your way in your own healing.

- Learn how to take what you know inside and share it with the world
Experience your creative flow in your work
Develop your program, course or business
Learn to express your authentic self whether at work or play
Harness your inner child to release your magic

Shannon Dias, CPC, from Imaginif Media, uses her life experiences, her skills as a master certified personal coach, and her tools as an artist, to help you find and harness your inner magic. As an energy worker, she believes everyone has magic inside them and her childlike ability to treat everyday like an adventure just adds to the fun. Shannon offers workshops, classes, and one on one coaching, to grow and explore through creative exploration and holistic wellness.  Think of it like a combination of talking to your best friend, therapy, paint night, and getting a tarot reading all in one.  

Shannon's signature style of coaching, heART magic, harnesses your intuitive power using simple yet powerful artistic play within energy infused transformative sessions to empower you going forward and every day. She specializes in Expression and Spirit Speak where she intuitively asks pointed questions to help you on your journey through the human experience. Her daily walk with grief allows her to connect and share strategies for living life after trauma for those looking for ways to try and step into life more fully.   Shannon is a child at heart and uses this playful approach to provide unique opportunities for healing. Each encounter is a tool for understanding yourself better and finding more ways to balance the everyday challenges as well as the major ones. Most importantly, it is for you to discover your own brand of magic and bring joy forward.

In addition, Shannon's experience developing hands-on educational programs from preschool through adult provides business professionals with a powerful combination for collaboration that utilizes 30 years as a business leader in the areas of technology, media, marketing, and creative problem solving.  Shannon's ability to weave the requirements for business development alongside personal growth can be the difference that helps you reach your goals.

In 2019, after receiving her master certification in life coaching, Shannon co-founded The Academy of Experiential Living with Lauri Maynard, MA, LMHC, CPC.  The mission is to provide a space for holistic professionals to help others bring joy forward in their daily lives.

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Request access to our private facebook group where Academy leaders offer nourishing content to bring joy forward. I do free mini live sessions with activities in creative expression, tarot, and intuitive guidance as well as hosting special guests. It's fun and healing all at once.